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~ CLASSIC Honey Butter Flavors ~

The Original

It’s been said you can never go wrong with original…and that is certainly true with our #1 best seller!  This creamy deliciousness is the foundation of them all! (literally…it’s the foundation of them all)


Perfect blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and molasses (oh, and why not throw in some crushed-up gingersnap cookies while we’re at it).  It tastes like Christmas!

Seasonal Flavor (only available Sept-Dec)


Tastes just like pumpkin pie, only yummier!  Plus it’s spreadable so try it on waffles, you might be saying bye-bye to maple syrup.


Seasonal Flavor (only available Sept-Dec)

Monster Cookie

Oh yeah…you read it right!  Monster…Cookie…Honey…Butter!  Now you can have cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  Is your stomach growling yet?!?

Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Sugar, spice, and everything nice!  Let me tell you…this honey butter is all kinds of nice and wonderful wrapped up in a sweet bundle.  Try it on apples for apple pie any time of the day!


A sweet addition to the honey butter family!  The flavor of mouth-watering raspberries  +  the deliciousness of honey butter  =  a creamy delicacy you will want to eat right out of the jar.  (we won’t hold it against you if you do)


When you mix honey butter with this super fruit, it thrusts your taste buds into Super Awesome Overload mode!!  Stunning color, creamy texture, and lip-smacking goodness awaits you in every jar of Blueberry Honey Butter.  A “must try” just turned into a must buy!!


Mixing maple with honey butter just seemed like the natural thing to do.  We all love that sweet syrup on our beloved breakfast foods...and now we have it as a spread.  All the flavor you love in the maple with a pinch of honey and cream makes it as smooth as butter.  (oh is butter!!!) 

Black Cherry

Adding another berry butter to our honey butter family, we present to you black cherry. It's sweet, delectable and irresistible. You won't find any pits in this's all smooth and all yummy!

Strawberry Rhubarb

A mouth-watering experience you won't want to miss out on.  We took an already delicious strawberry honey butter and amped it up with rhubarb.  It's a sweet delicacy fit for any bowl of ice cream!  Your taste buds will be begging for more!

Cocoa Hazelnut

Nutella fans...have we got a treat for you!  Ever wonder what that yummy Nutella would taste like with our honey butter?  Well we did too...and the result will blow your mind.  A perfect blend of creamy honey butter with cocoa and hazelnut makes this the ideal spread for your toast, waffles, pancakes...pretty much anything your foodie heart desires.

Aronia Berry

Taste: Distinctive and pleasant flavor

Super Fruit Benefits: Aid in reduction of blood pressure



Taste: Similar to blueberries and huckleberries

Super Fruit Benefits: Promoter of eye health



Taste: Similar to a raspberry & blackberry

Super Fruit Benefits: Rich in potassium



Taste: Earthy and tart (blends well with our sweet honey butter)

Super Fruit Benefits: Helps reduce sinus swelling & inflammation associated with the flu


Taste: Similar to a cherry or blackberry

Super Fruit Benefits: Promote overall immune health



Taste: Similar to blueberries


Super Fruit Benefits: Associated with lowering cholesterol



Taste: Similar to cranberries


Super Fruit Benefits: Helps kill fat cells


Taste: Intense blackberry flavor

Super Fruit Benefits: 

Saskatoon Berry

Taste: Similar to blueberries but closely related to the apple family (almost a sweet nutty almond flavor)

Super Fruit Benefits: Rich in fiber and protein

Wild Sea Buckthorn

Taste: Sour flavor due to high vitamin C content (but blends well with our sweet honey butter)

Super Fruit Benefits: Excellent source of Omega's 3, 6, and 9

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~ SUPER FRUIT Honey Butter Flavors ~

So...what do you put this on?

That’s a question we get all the time.  It’s more than just honey and butter that you put on toast (though that combination is quite divine).  It’s creamy and irresistible and can go on…well pretty much anything!  No matter which flavor you choose, we know you will find something grand to put it on (or just savor the flavor right out the jar).

Here are a few tried and true uses for the different honey butter flavors!

Toast  ~  Pancakes  ~  Waffles  ~  French Toast  ~  Oatmeal  ~  Banana Bread  ~  Biscuits

Bagels  ~  Bananas  ~  Ice Cream  ~  Graham Sticks  ~  Pretzels  ~  Glaze for rolls  ~  Fruit Dip

Cinnamon Bread  ~  Apples  ~  English Muffins  ~  PB&HB (peanut butter & honey butter sandwich)

Cool Whip Dip: (mix 1/2 a jar of your favorite flavor with 8oz. cool whip)

Popcorn Drizzle: (melt 1 TBSP of honey butter and then drizzle over popped popcorn)

Comments? Suggestions?

Do you have any "You have got to try honey butter on this" ideas?  We would love to hear them!  Please use the comment box below!

Thank You! We appreciate hearing from you.

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