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~ Reviews ~

Wondering if you will like our honey butter?  The answer is ABSOLUTELY…without a doubt! 

But don’t take our word for it…see what others are saying about us!!

“My mother gave me a jar of that amazing honey butter…a few spoon fulls later I would like to buy a pack of 6 to give out as gifts to friends.”     

Nick F.

“We’ve been talking about your product since we tried it!  I just can’t stop gushing about it!  You’ve truly made a wonderful spread…especially for us sweet-toothers.”  

Kyrstin F.

“I bought some of your honey butter at the Big One craft show and I’m wondering if there is someplace in Fargo where I can buy more.  It is SO good!!  And now my jar is empty!”     

Melissa N.

“My husband and I love your product…He says he can’t go back to using normal butter after using your honey butter!”     

Tahnee B.

“I purchased some of your pumpkin butter at the Big One show and loved it!  My sister loved loved it as well and I am hoping to buy some for her birthday treat.” 

Kelly K.

“I purchased some of your honey butter at Centennial School a couple weeks ago, we absolutely love it and need some more!”

Brenda D.

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